Grand Universal, based in Thailand, is the owner of the Livi brand, which produces Out-of-Home tissue products. Livi is renowned in Thailand for its high-quality offerings and environmentally responsible production methods. Unlike many other brands, Livi uses only 100% pure pulp in its production. The objective set by Livi was to educate their customers about their sustainable practices, which include reducing chemical usage and replanting trees on their own plantations. The communication strategy aimed to both inform the end customers about the message and equip the sales team with the necessary tools to effectively communicate the message.


The brief was to produce an infographic that explains the process from “Earth to Skin”, this was then to be utilised on both online and offline materials.  A website was produced along side an offline sales kit in order to help the brand educate and convince their customers.


Branding Design

Infographic was designed to explain the process of suitable paper production and benefits of pure pulp.

Website Development

Website was produced to both showcase the Earth to Skin message and show case their products range.

Graphic Design

Exhibition booth designed and manufactured for offline industry event.