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    Digital Marketing Services Bangkok

    At V9-Design we can cover all aspects of digital marketing with the focus to increase traffic, brand awareness leads and sales. Digital Marketing covers a wide range of services, whether it’s improving your Google rankings or running paid ads or whether it’s increasing your brand awareness through social media. We have partnered up with one of Bangkoks largest and most successful digital marketing agencies in order to be able to offer the our clients the best possible service.

    Grow Your Business Online With Our Digital Marketing Services

    In today’s market it is so important for any business looking to grow and expand to have an online presence. Digital marketing is a great way to grow brand image and exposure to bigger client audiences. There are multiple areas when looking at digital marketing but largely the most important are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Google Paid Search (Adwords). These platforms are essential for creating leads and sales for any business big or small. When done correctly digital marketing can expand a business client base significantly with often only small changes.

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      Advantages Of V9-Design Digital Marketing Services

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      Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

      Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for your website’s visibility and outreach. It’s so important for companies to understand the importance of SEO in communicating with Google and other search engines. Your position on such search engines proves the relevance on your site for users and potential customers. Our team of search engine optimisation specialists aim is to organically build our clients SEO position to increase online traffic maximising customer connections. Firstly our team will need to gather data targeted to your business like keywords and content. Our team specializes in on-site optimisation and will aim to research keywords targeted to a client’s company/website. Once highlighted, keywords will be ever present in titles, content and meta tags. This will ensure your site gets greater traffic, indexed and ultimately improves its ranking.

      Google Search Advertising (Adwords)

      Adwords is a great advertising tool to promote your product and drive prospective customers or clients to your site. Adwords is an advertising tool created by Google to reach online targets through Google’s search engine platform and other partner sites. Adwords works by posting a text or image ad on partner sites once a keyword is typed into the Google search engine. These ads promote products and are a great tool in driving traffic to your site. Our marketing team works closely with our clients to highlight the most effective keywords to use with Adwords. Once keywords are highlighted our design team will create eye catching advertisements to use and drive traffic to the client’s site. Keywords will be related to your brand, product, industry or services. If a customer searches using any keywords highlighted, your ad will be served to them on their next web page.

      Other Digital Marketing Services


      Social Media Ads

      The paid promotion of your brand and products across social media platforms.


      The re-targeting of audiences who have previously interacted with your brand to turn them into a lead or sale.

      Google My Business

      Help your business be found in the local area to potential customers.

      Display Ads

      Using images and text ads across a wide network to increase awarness.