Scomadi are a brand of scooter motorcycles designed in UK and built in Thailand.  We were approached by Scomadi to help them re-launch the brand after a two year break in sales and marketing.  Working closely with the brand we put together a a plan and strategy to both help boost sales and increase overall awareness of the brand amongst Thai consumers.

Our marketing efforts yielded impressive results, as bike sales rose to over 280 units per month – resulting in a 30,000,000 THB boost in revenue and a 159% increase. Our 10-month campaign successfully elevated visibility and brand awareness, garnering 25,000,000 social media impressions and over 1,000,000 engagement opportunities.


Website Development

Scomadi Thailand website created in addition to full e-commerce website for after sales products.

Social Media Marketing

Full social media marketing strategy including paid ads to build brand awareness and create demand.

Photography & Videography

Multiple videos and photo shoots to showcase brand lifestyle for use across multiple digital channels.

Reputation Management

Helped to improve brand image by monitoring influencing online content.